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Lyle Oberg

Healthcare & Finance Policy

In addition to being a physician by profession, Lyle was:


  • Elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta in 1993
  • Appointed to the Alberta Cabinet in 1997 and served on numerous posts:
    • Minister of Family and Social Services in March 1997
    • Minister of Learning 1999
    • Member of Treasury Board and as the Minister responsible for immigration
    • Member of the Canadian Ministers of Education and led the Canadian delegation to an International Group of Eight (G8) Education Ministers meeting
    • Oversaw the creation of Alberta’s Commission on Learning
    • Appointed Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation 2004
    • Named Minister of Finance December 15, 2006
  • On June 2, 2010, Oberg opened C2DNA in Edmonton, the first private DNA testing facility in Canada
  • Vice President Development – Tool Safe Products Ltd.
  • Board of Directors - Flowr Cannibus
  • Chief Policy and Medical Officer - Flowr Cannibus
  • Vice President of Business Development -  Effortless in Vitro Fertilization
  • Chairman of the Board - Siksika Herbz, Ltd.
  • Business Advisory Board - Yorkville Asset Management
  • Director - Plant Properties REIT

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