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Ken Griep


Business Development

Ken grew up in Alberta, Canada with a post-secondary choice of Business Administration with an understudy in Real Estate Valuation.


Following College, Ken was exposed to a significant amount of real estate development as his father was a successful developer with a passion for maximizing land acquisitions. As opportunity provided, Ken worked alongside a variety of projects ranging from residential subdivisions, shopping centers, hotels, commercial and industrial developments. To better support a more complete insight into the design, construction and estimating fields, Ken spent several years acquiring and then implementing his inter-provincial accreditation for commercial construction systems mainly involving the development of institutional projects including hospitals and governmental facilities.


In 1992 Ken assumed the role as managing director committing a large portion of the following years to the development of hotels and related businesses affiliated with the hospitality industry. Much of the ongoing development was in western Canada but also included projects beyond including some exposure in the southern Caribbean.

Over the past 20+ years Ken has worked diligently with the ability to assess, evaluate and respond to the many variables within those developments he endeavors upon. Achievements are sought while growing businesses from their inception through design approval, development, procurement and opening including operational and financial management where necessary.


Ken continues to provide oversight coordination as required to ensure the project delivery disciplines conform to satisfying the necessary regulatory requirements through to the approval process in a fluid and timely manner. In the hospitality world, has worked together with both independent and franchised systems on both approved and contemplated projects involving Hilton, Starwood International, Wyndham, IHG and Choice International providing the necessary expertise to make comprehensive decisions; for not only his own assignments, but also those companies with investors looking to have a comprehensive financial insight into the viability of developing a successful market performing product.


Ken has been a member and prior participant of many urban industry affiliations including: Alberta Hotel & Lodging Association, Tourism Alberta, The Board of Trade, Chamber Commerce, Scholastic Scholarship Committee’s and the IDB Alberta Council for development to the Americas.

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